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Announcing 2017 Grant Recipients

On Wednesday, October 25th, the members of Impact San Antonio exercised their membership privilege and cast their votes to determine how their grant dollars should be distributed. What an amazing night displaying the power of women!

ImpactSA members gathered for Grant Award Night

President Beverley McClure welcomes member, guests, and grant applicant finalists to Grant Award Night 2017

Because of this year’s membership strength, we were in the position, once again, to award four high Impact grants. The recipients of these grants are:

ARTS & CULTURE: The Magik Theatre

To increase accessibility for all families, including special needs children, by overhauling Beethoven Hall (where the Theatre is located), and allowing The Magik Theatre to focus on providing high-quality, literature-based performances and art education for San Antonio youth.

EDUCATION: Northside Education Foundation

To expand the technical capabilities of the Construction Careers Academy’s existing programming, add welding and Alternative Energy certification programs, launch a Department of Labor apprenticeship program, and construct a dedicated IMPACT home. Additionally, a portion of the request will be used to increase outreach to female and minority students in order to continue addressing the disparities present in the construction trades.


To complete the Seeds of Hope Garden which will transform an unused field in the back of The Center into an outdoor therapeutic nature space to be used for counseling, education and support groups. Grant funds will also be used to create a Service Animal Therapy Park with water, irrigation, and benches.

HEALTH & WELLNESS: Project MEND (Medical Equipment Network for those with Disabilities)

To expand the reach and impact for individuals living with disabilities through the purchase of one Bobtail Truck and one Cargo Van – for expanded donation collection, delivery services, repair workshops, etc. – and one automated medical equipment sanitizer/washing machine, also known as a “HUBSCRUB,” that will contribute to speedy and efficient sanitization of used medical equipment.

The remaining four finalists: Family Violence Prevention Services, SA Christian Hope Resource Center, Triple H Equitherapy, and URBAN-15 Group will receive equal Support Grants from the balance of the grant dollars in recognition of the great work they do for our community.

Congratulations to all of our grant recipients! We look forward to the Impact we will make together.

Members and guests applauding

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