Grants Awarded

Over $2,000,000 since 2005


The Impact San Antonio membership made history at the 2016 Grant Award Night as they cast their votes and awarded four $100,000 grants to non-profits who will make an impact in our community. This brings the total dollars awarded since Impact SA’s inception to over $2,000,000. The 2016 Impact San Antonio grant recipients are:

Education: Providence Place – To expand and modernize the capability of the Work Training Center to provide hands on transferrable work skills for young adults with disabilities between 18 and 25 years of age. Providing students with needed vocational skills through the Work Training Center will increase their ability for gainful employment and allow them to become self-sufficient and lead independent lives.

Environment/Recreation/Preservation: Bexar County Partners for Youth (PFY) – To design and build a 1.25 mile long wilderness trail that will offer Bexar County children and their families opportunities to discover the wonders of nature and to support programming that will improve outcomes for at-risk children. Additionally, children will be engaged in the maintenance of the trails in order to promote stewardship, ownership, and enhance their sense of community.

Family: Family Services Association of San Antonio, Inc. – To ensure a safe and comfortable setting for children and families being served at Kidshare (a program which combats child abuse and domestic violence) through the purchase of a surveillance camera system and door access control locks; efficiency with more digital storage and laptop computers; and new furnishings for playrooms.

Health and Wellness: Alpha Home, Inc. – To completely restore an existing home which provides residential drug and alcohol rehab for women 18 years and older. Women in the residential program will have an enhanced quality of life and as a result will remain in residential treatment for a longer period, increasing long term success.

The remaining five finalists who will split the balance of the funds and receive a smaller grant of approximately $16,000 are:

• Cibolo Nature Center and Farms
• Daily Bread Ministries
• San Antonio Lifetime Recovery
• Texas Diaper Bank
• Westside Development Corporation


Magdalena House (Family) – Magdalena House is a long-term transitional home that serves mothers and their children who have fled dangerous and abusive lives by providing transformation through education, nurturing community, and programming. Magdalena House will use their Impact Grant to provide substantial funding to build a second home on their campus, doubling their capacity.

“To be awarded this grant of $108,000 means that our dream of building a second home for women and children fleeing dangerous situations will come true. It means that we will be able to double our capacity. It means that more families living in San Antonio will indeed get a second chance at life.” – Rev. Denise Barker, Founder & Executive Director

Girls Incorporated of San Antonio (Education) – Girls Incorporated of San Antonio supports girls between the ages of 6 – 18 to navigate gender, economic, and social barriers to allow them to grow to be healthy, educated, and independent.  Girls Inc. will use their Impact Grant to purchase two 30 passenger buses. Currently the number one barrier to expand Girls Inc. program delivery is transportation.

“With Impact San Antonio’s support, Girls Inc. of San Antonio’s programs will be able to address our biggest barrier to program delivery, transportation. We will be able to pick up girls to attend our center-based programs throughout the year, including our GIRL Academy Afterschool Program and Spring Break STEAM Camp. Not only will this help build our program’s capacity, but we will be able to truly reach girls in lower-income areas of San Antonio to inspire them to be strong, smart, and bold!” – Lea Rosenauer, President/CEO

Support Lending for Emotional Wellbeing (SLEW) (Health & Wellness)  –  The purpose of SLEW Wellness Center is to offer an integrated cancer survivorship program that will improve the emotional and physical health of uninsured, under-insured, and low-income women who are survivors of cancer, or who are undergoing cancer treatments, by offering programs to promote a better quality of life and long-term survival.  The Impact Grant will be used to improve and finish-out new space for their program.  This will allow them to adequately support current programs, expand activities and offer an exercise program.

“The board of directors, staff, and patients of SLEW Wellness Center are overwhelmed and extremely excited to receive this $108,000 award from Impact San Antonio! The women of Impact SA has made a major impact to ensure that low income, uninsured and underinsured cancer patients will not only continue to receive high quality cancer survivorship services from our agency, but will be able to move into newly renovated facilities and expanded programs that will better serve our community for years to come. Together, we are making a difference!” – Olga Young, Executive Director

In addition, the UTSA Foundation and Bexar County Partners for Youth each received a donation from Impact San Antonio.


2014 – On Wednesday, October 29, Blueprint Ministries, Roy Maas’ Youth Alternatives and Boys and Girls Clubs of San Antonio were each awarded a $100,000 grant from Impact San Antonio. The two other finalists each received a $19,000 grant: The Playhouse San Antonio and The Friends of Government Canyon.

Blueprint Ministries (Health & Wellness) – The Impact San Antonio grant will be used to provide 50 inner city homeowners a restored house that offers them safer, warmer and drier living conditions. Restorative work will be done by volunteer teenagers and adults and may include replacing or repairing the roof, interior walls, ceilings, floors, siding, porches, as well as bathroom and kitchen renovations and handicap accessibility.

“Impact San Antonio offers a unique and powerful approach to grant funding which creates the ability to make a huge impact in our city. Blueprint Ministries is so very grateful to receive this grant. With help from the Impact Grant, the substandard homes of 50 inner city homeowners will be restored to a warmer, safer, and drier living condition by volunteer teenagers and adults. This is all so exciting for us. I am so grateful for all the efforts of the Impact team and their members. What a difference your organization is making.”
– Dee Dee Sedgwick, Executive Director

Boys and Girls Clubs of San Antonio (Education) – The proposed project will help us to move our teens from an unattractive, cramped, and debilitated leased space to a new building on the campus of the Calderón Branch. The funding will be used to construct a building specifically designed and equipped for teens to include a Learning Center/Tech Lab, lounge, and open space for programs, games and group activities. The move would also allow teens daily access to Calderón’s gym, pool, and outdoor courts, an important teen draw.

“Boys & Girls Clubs was honored to share our story with the women of Impact San Antonio and are ecstatic about this award, but it’s our teens who are the most excited. Impact is helping us serve them and their families better by allowing us to relocate our Teen Center to the Calderón Campus so we can serve Westside youth 6 to 18 years old all in one place.” – Angie Mock, CEO

Roy Maas’ Youth Alternatives (Family) – The grant will be used to purchase desperately needed heating and air conditioning units, and repair or replace duct and vent work, at the San Antonio Campus. Without these additions and repairs the Emergency Shelter and Counseling Center are unbearably hot in the summer and very cold on winter days. The contribution will provide a more comfortable environment for children struggling to heal from the trauma of abuse and neglect.

“On behalf of the thousands of children and families we help, we are thrilled to be selected as a $100,000 grant recipient by the members of Impact San Antonio. With the help of Impact San Antonio, we can now ensure that the children in our care will be able to better focus on their recovery from the trauma of abuse and neglect.”Bill Wilkinson, CEO


2013 – On Wednesday, October 30, Boys Town Texas, Inc., Children’s Association for Maximum Potential (CAMP), and Christian Senior Services – Grace Place were each awarded a $100,000 grant from Impact San Antonio. The two other finalists each received a $4,000 grant: AVANCE San Antonio, Inc. and San Anto Cultural Arts.

Boys Town Texas Inc. will use its $100,000 grant to renovate 20 bathrooms in its five campus foster homes. The homes are 24 years old and over 500 children have lived in them.

Janie Cook, Executive Director, Boys Town Texas:

What an incredible thrill it was for us to hear Boys Town Texas named as a recipient of $100,000. The families on our campus are just elated that they will have new bathrooms. I received this in an email from Mrs. Farmer this morning:

“Abby is still glowing from all the attention that was heaped upon her. I was so very proud of her part in the evening. I think it will be something she remembers for a long time—finally, a good memory.” Pam Farmer

We just cannot thank you enough for your generosity.

Joyce Horner, Director of Development, Boys Town Texas:

The 100K award is absolutely amazing. So many great things happened last night for Boys Town, Abby and Foster Parent Pam Farmer. The IMPACT Impact SA made on the lives of the families and children at Boys Town will never be forgotten! All the families and children on campus are celebrating. Pam Farmer let me know that the teenagers in her home are super-excited. They can’t wait to see the renovations! They are already thinking about decorating! Leave it to a house full of girls!

Again thank you for your generosity! We are blessed because of each of you!

Children’s Association for Maximum Potential (CAMP) will use its $100,000 grant to support building its new Waste Water Treatment Plant, a critical piece of infrastructure necessary to maintain current programs for individuals with special needs in the community, to support future program and facilities growth, and to protect its natural environment.

Dr. Brandon Briery, CAMP’s Chief Program Officer:

CAMP is honored and humbled to have been chosen as one of Impact San Antonio’s ‘big winners’ last night. The ‘impact’ these women are making in bettering our community – and specifically for CAMP, in helping us strengthen and inspire individuals with special needs and those who care for them – is simply remarkable.

Christian Senior Services – Grace Place will use its $100,000 grant to assist with its Grace Place Alzheimer’s Activity Center Enhancement and Expansion project, which will increase licensed capacity at its Northeast facility by enlarging the patio, doubling the activity space, adding a quiet room, providing commercial grade indoor and outdoor furniture and building an accessible entrance ramp. At its Northwest location, these funds will provide a nurse’s station, permanent storage cabinetry, small group activity space and a quiet room for participants who need rest and calming activities.

Sharon Baughman, CEO, Christian Senior Services:

The Board of Directors and staff of Christian Senior Services could not be more pleased and proud to be the recipients of this incredible award! With these funds we will not only improve the quality of care for individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia attending Grace Place, but will be able to help even more caregivers who need respite and support in their difficult journey. We feel the love, Impact San Antonio!

2012 – The San Antonio AIDS Foundation and SAY Sí each received a $100,000 grant. The three other finalists each received a $5,000 grant: Center for Family Relations; Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio; and University of Texas Foundation: Clinic for Effective Autism Treatment.

[11-22-2013  Recent articles about ISA’s 2012 Grantees can be found here: SAY Sí  and San Antonio AIDS Foundation]

Improved bathing facilities at SAAF

The San Antonio AIDS Foundation used its $100,000 grant for new bathing facilities, new beds and improvements for the medication room, including two walk-in whirlpool baths, a wheelchair-accessible shower, a Posey bed, 27 hospital beds with handrails and mattresses, and new shelving and cabinets for the medication room.

Jill Rips, MA, MPhil, Deputy Executive Director, San Antonio AIDS Foundation:

The San Antonio AIDS Foundation’s inpatient skilled nursing and hospice program provides compassion and love, along with quality medical care for people with HIV/AIDS. The Foundation was ecstatic with joy on learning that we were chosen as one of the $100,000 grant recipients. Funding from Impact San Antonio enables SAAF to improve the comfort, quality of life and health for our inpatients through new bathing facilities, new beds and medication room improvements. Again, thank you all for what you do for our community.

SAY Sí will use its $100,000 grant to provide additional student mentors and visiting artists, and to purchase equipment and furnishings for its new visual and media art studio spaces which will expand the Project WAM (Working Artists and Mentors) program that serves middle school students.

Jon Hinojosa, Executive Director, SAY Sí:

We are honored and grateful to Impact San Antonio for their support. The grant could not have come at a better time as the organization is investing in new construction on campus. The funds will fulfill our mission to expand our facilities to increase enrollment to San Antonio’s creative youth. We are committed to taking the funds and providing a positive impact to our community.

2011 — Christian Assistance Ministry received a $100,000 grant. The four other finalists each received a $5,250 grant: Green Spaces Alliance of South Texas; San Antonio AIDS Foundation; SAY Sí; and The Children’s Bereavement Center of South Texas.

The new ramp at CAM provides easier and safer access to the programs.

Christian Assistance Ministry (CAM) used its $100,000 grant to renovate its outdated facilities as follows: bring both upstairs restrooms to ADA compliance and repair plumbing fixtures; create a men’s restroom and a family restroom; and build a much-needed ramp for improved access for physically disabled clients and parents with strollers.

Dawn White, Executive Director, Christian Assistance Ministry:

CAM is humbled and honored to be selected; this is a life-changing gift that has ensured we can continue to serve our clients with dignity, safety and grace. CAM is a grassroots non-profit created to serve people in our community, and is truly made possible by San Antonio citizens coming together to serve their neighbors. Impact SA bestowing this grant on us is just another example of the power of working together to make a difference—a REAL difference! Funding from Impact San Antonio for those important repairs to our building has meant long-time sustainability, and CAM won’t have to use dollars for continued repairs that can instead be used to serve people.

Daily Bread Ministries purchased a refrigerated truck.

2010Daily Bread Ministries used its $100,000 grant to purchase a $100,000 refrigerated truck to redistribute more food to the hungry of San Antonio.

Chuck Farmer, Executive Director, Daily Bread Ministries:

Prior to receiving this grant and purchasing the refrigerated truck, Daily Bread Ministries was limited to the amount of food we could pick up, meaning an abundance of food was thrown away. Because of the Impact SA grant, we are able to give hope, love, and feed the many that are hungry…to the tune of 4.9 million pounds of food year to date. We enjoyed the simplicity of the grant process, and its procedures. Each and every one of the Impact members is special, and we are forever grateful.

2009Youth Orchestras of San Antonio was awarded a $100,000 grant. The four other finalists each received a $250 grant: Daily Bread Ministries; Family Violence Prevention Services; San Antonio Youth Centers; and SnipSA.

Youth Orchestras of San Antonio (YOSA) used its $100,000 grant to develop and implement a comprehensive music program of daily after-school violin and cello lessons to more than 100 students on the west side of San Antonio, in partnership with the Good Samaritan Community Center.

Steven Payne, Executive Director, YOSA:

Because of this grant from Impact SA, these students from Title I schools are experiencing classical music for the first time in their life. They then have an opportunity to participate in other YOSA programs with students from all over San Antonio, thus engaging with students from outside their own neighborhood. As we worked on our presentation, we focused on telling the story of the students in the project. As this meant including our teachers, the students and their families in the presentation, it really opened their eyes to what it takes to secure funding for a project like this. It was particularly rewarding to see the students reaction as they realized they had been vital helping YOSA secure funding for the project from which they benefitted.

2008 — St. Jude’s Ranch for Children (transitional living program) received a $100,000 grant. The four other finalists each received a $1,250 grant: Headwaters Coalition; Mitchell Lake Audubon Center; TEAMobility; and Youth Orchestras of San Antonio.

2008 Grant Recipient: St. Jude Ranch

St. Jude’s Ranch for Children used its $100,000 grant to develop a transition program in San Antonio for young adults 18 years and over. The funds purchased furniture, computers and vans as they moved into the city. A guide was also developed on Transitional Living Program development, for use by others.

Erika Boyd, Community Relations Manager:

This grant was so important to St. Jude’s Ranch for Children. It enabled us to move our Transitional Living population into the San Antonio community, where our young adults were closer to work, school and opportunities to really practice independent living skills and master them. Thank you, Impact San Antonio!

A young participant in the Jump-Start art activities

2007 — Jump-Start Performance Co. received a $50,000 grant. The four other finalists each received a $500 grant: Gemini Ink; Mitchell Lake Audubon Center; Kinetic Kids; and San Antonio Kids Exchange (now called Center for Family Relations).

Jump Start Performance Company used its $50,000 grant in its Arts and Education Program to expand the Historias y Cuentas (Stories and Tales) project into two new elementary schools and to develop a curriculum guide for teachers.

Sabine Zenker, Development Director, Jump-Start Performance Co.:

Jump-Start has truly been “impacted” in the best way from the Impact San Antonio grant we received. Smart Art, the lesson plan guide that was created as part of the project, has been a real boon for teachers and students alike. It’s also been a tool to help us leverage additional funding for the Historias y Cuentos program.

2006 Grantee: New truck for Meals on Wheels

2006Christian Senior Services spent $33,000 to purchase a new truck for its Meals on Wheels program.

Sharon Baughman, CEO, Christian Senior Services:

With our grant from Impact SA, Meals on Wheels was able to purchase a delivery vehicle to replace one of the trucks on our fleet that had become unreliable and expensive to maintain. Because so many vulnerable seniors absolutely rely on home delivered meals to maintain their health and independence, these trucks are, quite literally, their life line. Our friends at Impact SA, we are truly grateful for their support.


One of the renovated rooms at The Arc of San Antonio, our 2005 Grantee

2005The Arc of San Antonio used its $25,000 grant to help convert office space into six new classrooms for children and young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This expansion added an additional 4,500 sq feet and increased its program by 48%. This was Impact San Antonio’s first grant.

Beth Green, Director of Development, The Arc of San Antonio:

In 2005, Impact San Antonio graciously granted The Arc of San Antonio $25,000 for an expansion that was vital to us since we remain a source for working parents who need specialized after-school, summer and holiday care for children with disabilities, as well as the increasing number of young adults who are transitioning out of school-based programs. Impact SA is a wonderful organization of women who are committed to helping non-profits in San Antonio continue their missions.



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