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Join Or Renew For 2018

Join Impact San Antonio or renew your membership and be a part of the collective power of women who are making a tremendous impact on the Greater San Antonio community. Our membership deadline is May 15, 2018. Any membership applications received after May 15, 2018 will be for the 2019 grant award year.

Impact San Antonio is using Wild Apricot Member Portal for managing new and renewing memberships, scheduling events, and communicating with our members.

Follow the links below to Renew or Join using our new Member Portal.

Renew your membership through our Member Portal.

Join as a New Member through our Member Portal.

Join a Shared Membership (pdf)
To join or renew as a shared membership, please contact

Looking for other women interested in forming a Shared Membership?
We’re empowering you to connect with other women to complete a Shared Membership. This year we are piloting a new tool that will help you identify women also interested in forming a Shared Membership.  Click SharedMembershipFindMe to learn more and to sign up.

Join Impact San Antonio – Levels of Support

Membership Contributions
(100% of your contribution goes to fund our grants)

  • Impact Plus Member with Voting Rights. Women who contribute $1,100 or more with 100% of $1,000 donation going toward grants. The “plus” amount of $100 or more supports our operating expenses.
  • Impact Member with Voting Rights.  Women who contribute $1,000 with 100% of $1,000 donation going toward grants.
  • Shared Impact Membership with Voting Rights: A small group of 2 to 4 women may choose to join together financially to share one voting membership for $1,000 plus a $20 per person administrative fee to cover the additional overhead. Shared memberships receive only one vote at Grant Award Night and only one member of the group can participate in a Grant Review Committee.
    Join a shared membership using this form: ISA Shared Membership Form 2018 (pdf)
    To join or renew as a shared membership, please contact
  • Non-Voting Grant Contributions. Donations by non-members for a minimum $1,000 or greater, in hundred-dollar increments, may be designated to go toward the ISA grants. These contributions do not give the donors voting rights nor the right to serve on a Review Committee.
    Become a Non-Voting Grant Contributor through our Member Portal.

Support/Operations Contributions

  • Friend of Impact. Women, men and businesses may become a “Friend” of Impact by contributing any amount during the year to help cover operating expenses. Note: Contributors at this level do not have voting rights and may not serve on a Grant Review Committee. They may participate on other committees and attend Impact events.
    Become a Friend of Impact through our Member Portal.
  • Supporters. Women, men, and businesses may become Supporters of Impact SA by contributing authorized goods and services.

Thank you for your contribution to Impact San Antonio!

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