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Impact SA–Membership on Your Own Terms

Your Impact San Antonio membership is truly membership on your own terms! No guilt! No strings attached!  The only requirement is your financial contribution. Many women, however, find their member experience to be more satisfying when they actively engage.

If you would enjoy contributing time to further support Impact San Antonio, we certainly welcome you and need you. A variety of enjoyable experiences are available to you where you can contribute your unique skills and talents. Volunteer for just a few hours, for ongoing projects, or for something in between.

To get involved with other amazing, philanthropic women, review the following committees and sign up for what interest you. Please complete the form on this page. Our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch with you within one week to clarify your interests and answer any questions.  

We thank you in advance for your support!

All committees serve under the leadership of the Chairs/Co-Chairs of the Impact SA Board of Directors.

To view the opportunities and activities of each committee, click the “plus” icon to read the description. Click the “minus” link to close the description.  

You can also download the committee descriptions (pdf).

Committees Related to Membership

Opportunity:  Members are the very heart of our organization. They fuel the impact we make in our community through their collective generosity. Your opportunity with this committee is to support activities that help us enroll the maximum amount of members. This allows us to award even more $100,000 grants, thereby helping the citizens of the greater San Antonio area to live satisfying lives.

Purpose:  Responsible for the recruitment of new members and the renewal of existing members. We organize membership information, small and large events and socials, and work with the Event Logistics Committee in preparing major events such as Kick-Off and Last Call. Time Commitment: Ranges from one hour to four hours per event.

Volunteer Activities:   

  • Pre Events: Assist with nametags, secure prizes for drawings, assemble and transport printed materials, decorate venue/tables, etc.
  • Events: Set up directional and informational signs inside and out. Greet guests, handle registrations, process membership enrollments, serve as timekeeper, and assist with cleanup.
  • Post Events: Assist with data updates and analysis.
  • Identify new ideas and strategies for membership recruitment.
  • Host, co-host, or identify hosts for small events or socials for membership recruitment.
  • Identify and develop invitation lists for events.

Opportunity:  We want the women of Impact San Antonio to have a deeply satisfying membership experience so that they feel great about their contribution and want to return year after year. Your opportunity with this committee is to bring your passion to help develop outstanding informational, educational, inspirational, and fun activities that create a sense of belonging and allow women to connect with other women of like-mind and heart.

Purpose:   Responsible for creating a variety of events such as: “lunch and learns”, Annual Education Event; Volunteer Days at grant recipient locations; member webinars; “shopping for a cause”, events with proceeds benefitting Impact SA; evening out activities such as Happy Hour, dinners, theater, art session, etc. We also are the first point of contact for members wishing to volunteer. Time Commitment: Two hours (or more) for each event you participate in creating, plus 2 to 4 Committee Meetings annually.  Volunteer Coordinator will spend two to eight hours per month.

Volunteer Activities: 

  • Attend committee meetings for creative thinking, brainstorming, and planning, i.e. selecting topics, speakers, events, activities, etc.
  • Orchestrate logistics and organize aspects of events, i.e. venues, catering, announcements, etc.
  • Calls to potential speakers or hosts for events or venues.
  • The Volunteer Coordinator will serve as the primary contact for helping connect members with volunteer activities.

Opportunity:  Membership growth and retention is driven by awareness of Impact SA and its value to the community and its members. Your opportunity with this committee is to use your communication skills to shape and broaden that awareness, and to connect the membership to the activities of Impact SA. Your efforts support membership growth, membership retention, and the overall mission of Impact SA.

 Purpose:  Responsible for two-way communication with our members and the community.  Through a variety of communication channels, we keep our audiences (members and potential members, agencies, and the public) informed about the progress, activities, and impact the women of Impact SA are having on our community. Time Commitment: Activity is based on events throughout the year (at least monthly), with the heaviest concentration during the Membership Recruitment cycle (January-May) and pre/post Grant Award Night (September-November).

Volunteer Activities:

  • Create content for E-Newsletters, Emails, “Snail” mail, Website updates.
  • Provide timely posts to social media.
  • Edit content for press releases.
  • Support electronic surveys and member focus groups (if needed).
  • Provide editing support for the Board (if needed).

Committees Related to Grants

Opportunity:  The non-profit agencies awarded our grants are the organizations through which we as members make a difference in the community. Your opportunity with this committee is to bring your desire and encouragement to support these agencies throughout the grant application and technical review process.

Purpose:  Serves as the first point of contact for all agencies and organizations seeking grant funding from Impact SA. The committee is responsible for the initial technical evaluation of all applications.  We screen all applications for compliance with grant requirements and ensure all required documents are included in the applications. Committee members may also provide information and support to agency representatives regarding the application process. Time Commitment:  Meet 2-3 times during the year as a committee. The Committee will be most active reviewing applications for a 2-week time period following the application deadline.

Volunteer Activities:

  • Read and assess 10-15 applications for technical compliance on our online grants management system.
  • Possibly respond to agencies’ questions via email and phone calls throughout the grant cycle.

Possibly assist with training and information support to agencies during the application process.

Opportunity:  Impact SA looks for the cream of the crop agencies that offer the potential to make the greatest impact in our community. Your opportunity is to bring your curiosity, critical thinking, and collaboration skills as you meet with other members to have a “hands on” experience identifying the finalists on behalf of the entire membership.

Purpose:  Responsible for selecting the agency finalists that will present their projects at Grant Award Night. A minimum of 5 Grant Review Committees, representing each of Impact SA’s five focus areas, will be trained on the grant review process. You will then participate in committee meetings and site visits to select the finalists. Note: Only voting Members are eligible serve on a Grant Review Committee, or in the case of a Shared Membership, only one member of the group may participate. Time Commitment: From July through mid-September, plus a two hour training session.

Volunteer Activities:

  • Attend Grant Review Committee training (approximately 2 hour session).
  • Participate on a review team to select one or more finalists who will present their project(s) to the members on Grant Award Night.
  • Read an average of 15-20 applications. A more intense review of certain applications will be made, and may be chosen to advance in the process.
  • Attend approximately three committee meetings and at least one day of site visits.

 Grant Review – Financial Reviewers

Serve as a full member of a Grant Review Committee with the additional responsibility of reviewing the financial information submitted by the agencies during the grant application process. Reviewers evaluate an organization’s financial stability and evidence of its accounting compliance. Familiarity with accounting and financial statements is essential.

Opportunity:   Once the grants are awarded, members expect Impact SA to be an excellent steward of their money. Your opportunity is to connect directly with the agencies who receive our grants, and with the community and clients they serve to ensure that the projects are being carried out as approved by Impact San Antonio.

Purpose:  Responsible for monitoring expenditures and the progress of all projects being completed by the agencies who receive an Impact SA grant.  The committee consists of Grant Recipient Liaisons who represent Impact SA and work closely with the agencies throughout their project, while coordinating their efforts with the Grant Oversight Committee chair. Time Commitment: Varies depending on the project (from two months to two years). While you would commit to being the Liaison for the length of a given project, activity would be sporadic.

Volunteer Activities:

  • In January/February, liaisons meet with their assigned agency to review the contract terms and conditions.
  • Process reimbursement requests (not more than five or six throughout the project).
  • Review and process agency progress reports (every six months).
  • Most of your work as a Liaison can be completed over email and telephone, with two to three site visits during the course of the project.

Committees Related to Large Events

Opportunity:  The large events (i.e., Kick-Off, Last Call, Grant Award Night, etc.) offer a time for members to share a great, unique experience.  Your opportunity is to help create and orchestrate the behind the scenes logistics that create an outstanding event. This encourages the easy flow of camaraderie among Impact SA members.

Purpose: Responsible for finding the venues and coordinating the logistics for our large membership events (approximately five to six per year). Planning for the program, speakers, registration, etc. are handled by other committees. Time Commitment: Approximately 3-8 hours for each event you support.  This includes one or two site visits per event as well as assistance the day of the event.

Volunteer Activities:

  • Research venues; call venues for pricing; arrange for venue site.
  • Research caterers; work with caterer on menu that fits our budget.
  • In some cases, coordinate AV needs.
  • Update project schedule template for event with Committee Chair.
  • Day of event assistance (before event begins and/or clean up after event concludes).
  • Assist with venue decorations, if needed.

Opportunity:   Since a member’s $1,000 membership contribution goes directly to the grants, Impact SA depends on sponsors to financially support our events and operations, and allow us to minimize the cost of events for our members and guests. Your opportunity is to help seek financial support to ensure that we remain financially sound so that we can continue to do great work in the community. As you engage sponsors, you have the opportunity to create a great experience for them so they will want to renew their support each year.

Purpose:  Responsible for securing sponsors to help underwrite our large events each year (approximately five to six, including Grant Award Night) and support operations.  Our sponsors enjoy many benefits including exposure to the hundreds of women in our membership through recognition and advertising, and a host of other benefits. Our job is to communicate these benefits for the purpose of securing sponsors. Time Commitment: To be determined by the committee member’s schedule, plus approximately 2 to 3 committee meetings a year.

Volunteer Activities: 

  • Collaborate to identify potential sponsors.
  • Reach out to at least 3 new contacts per year (contacts may be the member’s own leads or those referred from membership).
  • Follow up with previous sponsors to renew their support.
  • Send notes of appreciation for sponsorships received.
  • Evaluate sponsor benefits and ensure those benefits are realized.
  • Create sponsorship opportunity awareness and benefits.

To complete the form, use the scroll bar on the right side of the form to see all the options and be sure to click “submit” when you are finished.

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