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Help us spread the word about Impact San Antonio by telling a friend. Need an elevator speech? Feel free to copy and paste the text on the right into the Message area below.

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I’d like to tell you about a women’s collective giving organization I belong to, Impact San Antonio.

The concept of Impact SA is simple and powerful –

* We are a group of diverse women who are united by a common purpose – to make a positive difference in our community

* We each contribute $1,000 and pool our donations to create as many $100,000 grants as our membership numbers can support.

* Local nonprofits submit proposals for $100,000 grants in one of five focus areas: Arts & Culture; Education; Environment, Recreation & Preservation; Family; and Health & Wellness.

* Grants are reviewed and finalists are selected from each focus area.

* Members have an equal vote for the nonprofits who will receive the grants.

* Every dollar that is donated goes towards our grants—100% percent.

* Membership is on your own terms. You can be as involved or uninvolved as you choose.

For more information, visit the Impact SA website at or email

Come join us—we need you–together we can continue to make an impact on our community!

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