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While the only requirement for ISA membership is to contribute the required amount (no guilt, no strings attached!), Members find they get most out of their membership experience when they take advantage of the many opportunities to be involved in the fulfillment of the mission of Impact San Antonio.

Members may serve on any of the committees listed below, and Friends of Impact may serve on any committee except the Grant Review Committees.

To get involved and collaborate with other amazing, philanthropic women, please view the committees below and email the chair for the committee you want to join. Thank you in advance for your support.

Agencies & Applications

Co-Chairs Cathy Foose and Kim Gilbert

Under the guidance of the Agencies and Application co-chairs, the Committee is the first point of contact for all agencies and organizations seeking grant funding from Impact SA. The Committee members provide information, training, and support to agency representatives concerning the application process and are responsible for the initial technical evaluation of all applications. Members screen all applications for technical compliance with grant requirements and ensure all required documents are included in the application.

This committee will meet 2-3 times during the year. Each member will participate in:

  • Assisting in the training and information support to agencies during the application process
  • Reading and assessing 10-15 applications for technical compliance
  • Responding to agencies’ questions via email and phone calls throughout the grant cycle
  • Notifying the agencies via email when they are no longer being considered for a grant


Co-Chairs Sandy Klein and Cathy Ritter

The Development Committee is responsible for securing sponsors to help underwrite our events each year.  Since the $1,000 donated by our members goes entirely into our grant fund, it is necessary to raise additional funds.  These underwriting sponsorships fund our large membership events, our educational event and Grant Award Night.  They also allow us to minimize the cost of events for our members and their guests.

Member Engagement/Retention

Co-Chairs Chris Lucerne and Lora Watts

The Engagement and Retention Committee is seeking members who can organize a variety of events and initiatives. Ideas include, but are not limited to:

  • Breakfasts or lunches with members to discuss topics of interest (Impact mission focused)
  • Education Event including selecting the topic, speaker(s), venue, logistics
  • Volunteer days at grant recipient locations
  • Happy Hour or Coffee House gatherings
  • Call out to past members to discuss ideas for improvements & welcome to new and renewing members and friends
  • Day of shopping with a percentage of proceeds donated to Impact
  • Evening-out activities such as dinner, theater, dance lessons, etc.

Event Logistics

Chair Kathleen Doria

This committee is responsible for finding the venues and coordinating the logistics for our large membership and education events (approximately five a year) including Grant Award Night. We do not coordinate the smaller membership events held at members’ homes nor do we coordinate the actual program for each event—just the venue logistics and catering.

Time requirement: Approximately 5-8 hours a month in December through May and then again in September and October for assistance with the education event and Grant Award Night. This includes one or two site visits per event as well as assistance the day of the event.


  • Research venues; call venues for pricing; visit venue if necessary
  • Research caterers; work with caterer on menu that fits our budget
  • In some cases, coordinate AV needs and sign orders
  • Update project schedule template for event with Committee Chairman, Jeanne Albrecht
  • Day of event assistance (approximately 2 hours before event begins). Another committee handles registration and membership
  • Decorate the venue for some of the events

Grant Review

Co-Chairs Donna Harrison and Hella Scheuerman

Voting Members are eligible serve on a Grant Review Committee. There are a minimum of 5 Grant Review Committees. Grant Review Committee members will be trained on the grant review process and then participate in Review Committee meetings to select the finalists that will present at Grant Award Night.

Requirements include but are not limited to the following:

  • Attend Grant Review Committee training; approximately 2 hour session
  • Read an average of 15-20 applications with a more intense review of applications chosen to advance
  • Attend approximately three committee meetings and at least one day of site visits

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet other members and have a “hands on” experience in the selection of one of the grant finalists. Read more and Join!

Grant Review – Financial Reviewers

Chair Kerry Quinn

Financial Reviewers serve as liaisons to the Grant Review Committees by reviewing the financial information submitted by nonprofit organizations during the grant application process. Reviewers evaluate an organization’s financial stability and evidence of its accounting compliance. Familiarity with accounting and financial statements is essential.

Marketing and Communications

Co-Chairs Gloria Caughlin and Gail Tomiak

This committee helps broaden our awareness with members and the community and strengthen connections with Impact SA members through two-way communication.

Committee members help with the following:

  • E-newsletters
  • Website updates
  • Electronic invitations (use of Mailchimp, Eventbrite, etc.)
  • Electronic Surveys and focus groups
  • Social media
  • Press releases

Membership Recruitment

Co-Chairs Mary Brook, Clara Ernst, Jane Fairchild,  Alicia Thomas

The Membership Committee is responsible for the recruitment of potential members, organizing membership events and socials, and working with the Event Logistics Committee in preparing major events (Kick-Off, Last Call and Grant Award Night). This committee needs assistance to:

  • Manage and update membership database
  • Organize membership events, including: create and manage digital invitations; prepare and manage name tags; work at registration and membership tables at events; set-up of tables for events; greet guests at events; secure and set up raffle prizes; assemble and transport printed materials
  • Write thank you notes for donations and memberships
  • Identify and develop invitation lists for events and potential members/membership groups
  • Recruiting hosts to sponsor recruitment events and socials.

Grant Oversight and Outcomes

Chair Peggy Vroman-Gracy

Once the annual awards are made to the non-profits, it is up to the Outcomes Committee to ensure that the following actions are carried out on a timely basis:

  • This year’s Project Liaisons are recruited, assigned and trained, 2 liaisons per non-profit
  • Scheduled Reports and Evaluations are submitted by the non-profit
  • Accurate disbursement of justified funds occurs
  • Monitoring of the project completion date to ensure it is within the agreement timeframe.

Generally the work of the Liaison and Chair of the Outcomes Committee may be completed over email and telephone conversations. However, site visits to the agency are required, initially as a meet and greet and followed by visits to verify the progress of the project. This is done at the convenience of the Liaison and the non-profit representative.

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